Väre by Brainstorm (2012)

Demo snapshot: Väre by Brainstorm 01

This unique demo is in many ways different and even unexpected. The scenes are imbued with a relaxing mood, slowly unraveling. Lines and points with glow effect are the constituent graphics primitives.

We were unable to figure out what strange equations were used to create the presented effects. It appears to be a vector field of some kind; the points might be guided by common rules of point mass dynamics. Perhaps some kind of chaotic attractor is at work? Whatever drives these visuals is certainly producing a mesmerizing effect.

For anyone interested in diving deeper into this demo, the source code (in C++) is provided together with the Visual Studio 2008 project files.

Released at Evoke 2012, for Windows PC with an AMD or nVidia GPU.

Väre by Brainstorm YouTube video

Download Väre by Brainstorm (zip)

Download Väre source code (zip)

Demo snapshot: Väre by Brainstorm 02