Luma by Mercury (2014)

Demo snapshot: Luma by Mercury 02

This amazing demo by Mercury presents an animation of a colorfully lit amusement park. The bright lights are endowed with myriad of effects, most prominently featuring motion blur.

The graphics engine is based on drawing point lights. The entire scene of the demo is made out of this simple graphics primitive, creating a distinct look. The amusement park theme is therefore a perfect choice to demonstrate the possibilities of such approach.

We also liked the kaleidoscope sequence and the fast rotating blurry wheel sequence. The music is a good match for the lively atmosphere, even if that makes it a bit cheesy.

Released at Payback 2014. Amazingly, it all fits in 45 KiB (64K category). Executable is for Windows with nVidia or AMD GPU.

Luma by Mercury YouTube video

Note: If you decide to run this demo, be sure to use the recommended 1280x720 resolution, otherwise some of the effects will get distorted. The executable can be found on .

Demo snapshot: Luma by Mercury 04

Demo snapshot: Luma by Mercury 01 Demo snapshot: Luma by Mercury 03