Demos Selection

Demo snapshot: Ino by Quite 02

Demos are among the most impressive and artistic products of computer programming. These non-interactive audiovisual programs are small, but commonly pack some of the most interesting pieces of computer code ever written.

Demo snapshot: 0x4 by Titan 02

The phenomenon of demos started in the 1980s, when talented programmers would write demos for home computers to show off their abilities, to entertain themselves, and to amuse the audience. Demos are, therefore, a rendezvous of programming with pure art. Impressive by intention, sometimes horrible, but always beautiful; they are the showcase of computation, mathematics actualization, and the fulfillment of programmer’s imagination.

Demo snapshot: Votedisk by Razor 02

The art of writing demos continues to this day, as evidenced by the numerous demo parties held annually all over the world, where talented programmers meet to show off their best works and to enjoy the works of their peers.

Documentary on the demoscene (YouTube): The Art of the Algorithms by Flame Film