fr-062: The Cube by Farbrausch (2009)

Demo snapshot: The Cube by Farbrausch 01

This impressive piece of work relies on procedurally generated transparent textures to present us with a stack of intriguing patterns. It uses entertaining and curious colors that are pleasantly harmonized together. Also employed are the effects of depth field blur and geometric distortions.

The concept of emerging patterns is the essence of pleasant procedural computer graphics. The simplicity of primitives does not matter in the least, their surprising interaction is the one that produces curiously fascinating effects instead.

Released at the Ultimate Meeting 2009, for Windows PC.

The Cube by Farbrausch YouTube video

Download The Cube by Farbrausch (zip). To run this demo, DirectX 9 is required, along with an nVidia or AMD GPU.

Demo snapshot: The Cube by Farbrausch 02