0x4 by Titan (2012)

Demo snapshot: 0x4 by Titan 01

This primarily aesthetic piece demonstrates that only a couple of simplest effects can produce beauty. The effect in question is long trailed motion blur with transparency. The only primitives employed are point lights and circular transparent particles.

The dynamic movement of points, particles and camera together with dreamy and energizing music complete the atmosphere.

For those interested into looking more closely at the building blocks of this demo, here are the instructions: space bar pauses the demo; key Q unlocks the camera; WSAD + mouse moves the camera.

First published at Revision 2012, for Windows PC.

0x4 by Titan YouTube video

Download 0x4 by Titan (zip). To run this demo, Microsoft VC2010 Redistributable Package is required.

Demo snapshot: 0x4 by Titan 02