How to Learn Touch-Typing

Learn touch typing in three simple steps. It's easy to learn touch typing if you have a good guide.

The skill of touch typing is useful to programmers. To learn it, read the following instructions carefully:

1. Learn the Basic Hand Position

In the basic position, your hands are on the middle row and the index fingers are on the F and J keys. The F and J keys have a little bump on them. Feel the bumps with your index fingers.

Fingers rest on home row. Left hand on ASDF, right hand on JKL:

Your fingers, excluding thumbs, should rest on colored keys marked by dots.

This is so simple. You have already learned the basic hand position.

2. Learn Typing Zones

Each finger should strike only particular keys. Learn which finger to use for which keys by studying the image below.

For left hand: little finger - QAZ, ring finger - WSX, middle finger - EDC, index finger - RFV.  For right hand: index finger - UJM, middle finger - IK<, ring finger -OL>, little finger - P:?.

The arrangement given on the image is a recommendation. You can adjust typing zones to suit your preferences, but once you have found a comfortable finger map, stick to it.

It is rather easy, again. You have already learned the typing zones.

3. When Practicing, Look at the Keyboard

When you type, look at the keyboard and try to hit each key with the correct finger, according to the typing zones. Return your hands to the basic position after each letter. After some practice, you can return to the basic position less often, but always hit each key with the correct finger. Don’t type blindly yet, do it by looking at the keyboard.

To type an uppercase letter, the best strategy is to use the other hand to press the shift key.

After some time, your hands will learn the positions of keys automatically. Without thinking about it, you will stop looking at the keyboard. It might take a month or more, depending on how often you type by instructions given here. Or, it might take less time, if you practice often.


Learning touch typing is easy if you know how to learn it. The method of learning is of great importance. Without a proper learning method, it is much harder to learn touch typing.